Our mission : Help children and their parents change and make our planet today a pollution-free planet.

“Changing is a game” is how we see it. Recycle, pollute less, do good deeds, receive gifts and make your future smile.


Ecobouge ta conso is a 21-day program to transform your consumption pattern into a family. It allows you to change by playing, for example in a game of 7 families, or by reducing your waste by making your sponges, shampoo, etc.


We calculated our ecological footprint on the global footprint network , and it's huge!

If everyone did as we do today, we would need 2.5 to 3 planets Earth to live.


With our forward calendar #ecobougetaconso become masters of your change and attract your family to this adventure.

Let’s green our consumption for a better world!


Our calendar and our set of 7 families will soon be on sale on this site.

Calendar pre-sales 19.9 euros