Build trust, value, encourage to encourage children to give

the best of themselves. We celebrate my progress, we encourage my talents and my endurance. I dare to be wrong, the error is used as a source of learning.







Develop an astute and curious mind. Thus, digital tools and techniques of innovation & applied arts are at the service of creativity and the development of projects that make me vibrate.





Work seriously without taking yourself seriously. We create, we experiment for real, with the requirement of pro and team. We concretize a real project, we prototype it.

I am living an enriching experience, which makes me grow and which I will be able to sell in the future.





Cooperate, communicate, co-create and co-construct. Collective intelligence at the service of everyone's projects.







The entertainment team draws on lived experience to discover and strengthen my strengths and talents. The feedback and the role I play in the project team are my points of support.






The animation team creatively combines digital tools and a variety of tools and methods: teaching projects, applied arts, collective intelligence techniques, collaboration, innovation (design thinking *) ... business, high school and innovative pedagogies.





The fundamentals of our approach

benevolence and emulation



Let's go



Faire de ses élèves des entrepreneurs de demainElocast & Christelle Caucheteux
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