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Bilingual Middle School


                Why EnjoySchool?

A hybrid, active and concrete pedagogy

We have an active pedagogy  based on pedagogical research (Freinet, Montessori, Dewey...) with multidisciplinary projects and activities the children learn the curriculum in an adaptive and concrete ways.

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School program monitoring

We follow the French national curriculum and accompany children towards the Brevet.

Enseignements au Lycée

Les disciplines enseignées  sont celles du tronc commun général dans le respect des programmes scolaires : mathématiques, français, philosophie, SVT, physique-chimie, enseignement scientifique, histoire-géographie, EMC, SES, philosophie, EPS, anglais, LV2 : Espagnol et Italien.

Les spécialités enseignées en première et terminale technologiques sont les suivantes : Droit et Economie, Management, Sciences de gestion et numérique et Gestion Finance.

Les spécialités accompagnées via le CNED “scolaire” vers le baccalauréat général sont les suivantes : Mathématiques, SVT, Physique-Chimie, SES, HGGSP, AMC.

Development of key skills for the 21st century

Learn to navigate the current world with enthusiasm and cooperation. We help our student to develop critical thinking and digital skills

A benevolent framework

Our goal is to make our teenagers responsible, to motivate him and to help them discover their talents and  creativity while laying down a firm and fair framework.

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“French” academic excellence

100% success in the college certificate in 2021

A college in the age of neuroscience

We increase autonomy and efficiency throughout schooling thanks to techniques from neuroscience to which we attach great importance explaining the science of learning to our students and incorporating it into our lessons.


Is it possible to return to the public curriculum after our college?

Sure ! Each student can reintegrate into public school.

Passage of Cambridge test and Brevet

The Cambridge test is optional and registration fees are not included in the tuition fees. 


Bilingual education

English is  reinforced with 3 hours more lessons per week then in public schhol plus bilingual English-French afternoons with our native English teacher. We have a team of bilingual teachers who are dedicated to help your students improve their English skills in all areas.


How is recess?

We have our own garden where children can enjoy a digital free lunch break supervised by our team.

The child is absent, no problem!

100% of lessons are insured if the child is obliged to stay at home


How is lunch?

We don't have a canteen. Children must therefore bring their meals or they can eat outside with parental permission.

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Typical schedule for middle school students
Projets inter-disciplinaires en anglais
Accueil des enfants
Accueil Météo
Sciences et Maths
Récréation / Lunch
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