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                Why EnjoySchool?
A hybrid, active and concrete pedagogy.


The EnjoySchool team implements an active pedagogy (using Freinet, Montessori, Dewey ...) The students work through the curriculum with motivation and enthusiasm thanks to multidisciplinary projects, structured activities and a team that listens to the students curiosity.

The development of key skills for the 21st century


Learn to decipher the current world with enthusiasm, develop your critical mind, learn to cooperate and discover collective intelligence, develop your digital skills…


A benevolent framework to allow the development of being and life skills


Our pedagogy focuses on the empowerment of the teenager, their motivation, discovery and encouragement of their talents and creativity while setting a fair and firm framework.


Monitoring of national education school programs


This structure supports your children towards certification and follows the national education programs.


A college in the age of neuroscience: learning to learn!


To best prepare for their exams, gain autonomy and efficiency in their learning throughout their schooling, the teaching team uses practical and effective technical tools from the neurosciences with the students.

Discover the brochure of our middle school here

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Some teens need more structured learning.


Let us give our children the chance to discover themselves and thrive at school.

The Structure?
The day starts at 8.45 am


Starting with a fundamental lesson of the major disciplines in the morning. A teacher supervises the children and specialised teachers also contibute.


Lunch at 12:45 p.m.


The afternoon is devoted to collaborative interdisciplinary projects that allow the program to be followed differently.


Creative robotics

Social entrepreneurial project

Arts and culture

Scientific outings and adventures



End of lessons at 4.30 p.m.



How to register ?
Registration requests are made to Christelle Caucheteux, founder and educational director.
Information meetings and open doors: see the schedule here.



Possibility of hosting Sports Studies for adolescents practicing a high level sport.

How much does it cost ?

The average cost spent by the state for a college student is 8,710 euros / year, ours is 8,160 euros.


Life Bloom Academy being a social and united company, we propose tariffs according to the parents' income in order to make our project accessible to the greatest number. Consult the price list here .


The project is supported by La Fontaine school, a Montessori sympathizer, the LINE research laboratory and

the Sustainable Design School.



The Life Bloom Academy teaching team,

Maria, Christelle, Victoire, Eva

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"My son has been to this school this year and it has been amazing for him. He didn't know any French to begin with and now he is fluent.

It is an amazing, engaging school where all teachers speak English, a huge support when French is your second language. It is definitely worth a look, especially if the French system is not working for your child. It does follow the French curriculum, but with a much more engaging approach. The fees are very reasonable also."

Jane Ayerst, Mother of Cameron

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As a non-contract establishment, do you follow the school programs?


Yes, we follow the official national education programs.


Do you prepare students for official exams?


Absolutely, we prepare all our students for the college certificate. Our pedagogy sets up tools of excellence to best prepare and in the best conditions your children for their future exams.


At the end of his schooling at Enjoy School or if I want to change school, can my child return to the traditional system?


Yes of course ! Each pupil has the possibility of continuing his education in the classical system.


How is bilingual education going?


English is worked intensively three hours a week with native teachers (partnership with the start-up Hipe Kids) and in addition we have immersive English with bilingual English-French afternoons.


The morning lessons are held in French except the lessons dedicated to English.


Do you prepare children for Cambridge tests?


Yes, we prepare children to take cambridge tests if they wish. Cambridge registration and test fees are not included in our tuition fees.


How are the recess?


Our premises are located a few steps from the Square du 8 Mai, a large park in which children can let off steam! . We accompany the children during the three recess (10:30 a.m., 12:30 p.m. and 3:15 p.m.).


How are the meals, is there a canteen?


We do not have a canteen, which is why children are invited to bring their lunch boxes for lunch. Our premises are located near bakeries, we accompany children daily who do not have their meal.