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Bilingual Middle School


They inspire the desire to learn 


Christelle, Director of Life Bloom Academy and Professor of History-Geo

Lianne, English teacher and originally from England with a masters from the University of York.

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Laurent, math and science teacher, graduate with a degree in physical sciences


Victoire, French teacher, graduate of a MEEF masters degree and a CAPES in letters modern


Julie, Art therapist and art teacher 

Mario is a Spanish and Italian teacher with a degree in English-Spanish-English and a Master's in Education in Spanish.


They develop notoriety 

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Jordan, work-study communication manager

Hachem, work-study office manager


They support us...

equipepedago life bloom.jpg

The Life Bloom Academy teaching team

From right to left ...


Ayca, Soft Skills Facilitator, Doctor of literature, dual Turkish and French culture

Olivia, Coach, Bachelor of Psychology and Master in Educational Sciences, globetrotter

Chiara Maria, Teacher & Facilitator in Arts, Spanish & Italian, graduated in Fashion-Styling and Education Sciences, Italian Culture

Christelle, educational director, teacher in history-geography, mathematics and piloting life skills projects


Maria Chiara Ragazzi, Facilitator in Arts, Spanish, Italian


After higher studies in “Fashion Styling”, which allowed her to deepen the
techniques of photography and graphic arts, Maria Chiara, while teaching, publishes a book which brings together poems and tables created by herself.
Her passion for the search for knowledge and human development led her, then, to study the Sciences of Education, specializing in early childhood.
Her teaching profession and the discovery of her personal talents to better live her life and express her own personality led her to teaching art as a way of getting to know, interpret and represent the world of a creatively and actively.

Maria Chiara practices theater and uses it in her pedagogy.

Margarida Romero, university professor, doctor of educational psychology, director of the Innovation and Digital Laboratory for Education (LINE)


Margarida Romero is director of the Innovation and Digital Laboratory for Education (LINE) at the ESPE of the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis and researcher at Laval University in Canada. She holds a doctorate in educational psychology from the University of Toulouse (France) and the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (Spain), where she obtained the extraordinary doctorate prize in psychology. She is interested in designing learning activities that help develop creativity and the importance of incorporating creativity into education. As part of the #CoCreaTIC project she created "Vibot the robot" a tale of demystification of learning programming and robotics. The LINE team collaborates with Life Bloom Academy on action research projects.

Discover the exploratory study carried out on the Stan'up project by clicking on: learning to undertake and co-innovate in middle school / high school .

margarida romero.jpg

Ayça Borbély, Doctor of General and Comparative Literature, Consultant-Trainer

(Soft Skills, Creativity, Collective Intelligence ..)


Ayça studied French literature at the University of Ankara in Turkey before obtaining the title of Doctor of Modern Letters from the University of Paris III - Sorbonne Nouvelle.

Ayça (to pronounce “Aïtcha”) defines itself as a facilitator of negotiation and communication. Bicultural accomplished (France and Turkey), she has built her career around bringing people together, first through culture and language (translation and interpretation), then by organizing events and today mainly through development personal and collective intelligence.


She has been involved in corporate training and in grandes écoles for more than 10 years. She is trained in the Four Colors® and Funny Learning® methods (educational engineering based on neuroscience).

It develops soft skills and collective intelligence seminars for students of grandes écoles and business executives. She works in particular at ESSEC, ISC, KEDGE and EDC.

In all her interventions, she advocates exchange and mutual understanding, which she practices on a daily basis. It is described as dynamic and direct, going straight to the point. Within Life Bloom, she contributes on the integration of collective intelligence in the courses and could accompany the children of the college in literature.

christine et christelle.JPG

Christine Cantin-Kaplanas, graphic designer, designer and teacher of Applied Arts in high school


After the Fine Arts of Orléans and ten years as Artistic Director in several advertising agencies (Ogilvy, BDDP ...), Christine creates “noeuf-cocotte”, her workshop. She is also a teacher of applied arts in high school. She brings her artistic perspective to the Life Bloom educational project.

Daughter of a watchmaker, she loves pendulum dials, small mechanisms, detail.
She invents a poetically committed artistic universe.

She had a lot of fun imagining the Life Bloom Academy logo after having had an intense conversation with Christelle.

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