Just 1 week to take up a major challenge: build a united team around an idea and transform it into an innovative solution (an association, a service, a product ...) for the world in record time.


A unique opportunity for Teens to experience team creation to discover that: Yes, they can contribute and act. More than a workshop, a real experience! Participating in a Creative Challenge is an opportunity to develop new skills, to discover yourself, and to surprise yourself by going beyond your limits!


We take in hand different technological tools to make ideas concrete: we create a website, a blog or a youtube channel, a logo, a prototype ... The atmosphere is to discover, meet, co-create and share.


Everyone, whatever the age or the personality naturally finds their place in a place conducive to creativity. Everyone has to bring their strengths, passion and interests to the group in order to fulfill this challenge! The animation team installs team cohesion and uses a variety of techniques and methods from the grandes écoles, creative pedagogies and the company.


      Une occasion unique pour les Ados d'expérimenter la création en équipe pour découvrir que : Oui, ils peuvent contribuer et agir. Plus qu’un stage, une véritable expérience ! Participer à un Défi Créatif c’est l’occasion de développer de nouvelles compétences, de se découvrir, et de se surprendre à dépasser ses limites !

     On découvre ses forces, le fonctionnement des émotions. On prend aussi en main différents outils technologiques pour rendre concrètes les idées : on crée un site internet, un logo, un prototype L’ambiance est à la découverte, à la rencontre, à la cocréation et au partage.


     Chacun, quelque soit son âge, sa personnalité trouve naturellement sa place dans un lieu propice à la créativité. A chacun d'apporter ses forces, sa passion et ses intérêts au groupe afin de remplir ce challenge !

L'équipe d'animation installe la cohésion d'équipe, permet à chacun de découvrir ses talents et décrypter ses émotions. L'équipe utilise une variété de techniques et méthodes issues de la psychologie positive, des grandes écoles, des pédagogies créatives et de l'entreprise.



As a team, young people imagine how to improve the world



Technological tools serve their creativity

They create a site, a video, a logo etc ...



A l'issue de la semaine, les participants présentent leur projet sous la forme d'un "pitch"

"Workshops that we would like to see in middle school or high school! Concrete therefore motivating. Very interesting for young people to learn how to build a project from A to Z while discovering the world of business. The workshop also allows them to get a glimpse of what teamwork entails and allows everyone to participate by giving their ideas and also to learn to listen to others! So great! "


Chenevoy, Chloé's mom, in year 9

For who ?

For CM1 / CM2, curious, middle school and high school students who want to take part in a rewarding human adventure or who are wondering about their future.


The teams are adapted according to age groups.

What do we win ?


First of all, the pleasure of having participated in a human adventure, the pride of having invented and materialized as a team a real project and perhaps discovered that we are all creative!


And also...


  • confidence in oneself and in one's capacity to contribute: action is possible

  • discovery of his strengths and talents

  • team spirit and cooperation,

  • an approach to the different trades and workings of the company,

  • better fluency in speaking and in a group.

  • discovery of the world of social and solidarity entrepreneurship

  • creativity, inventiveness



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