The actual cost of tuition is 8,160 euros per year.


Life Bloom Academy is a social and united SAS (Law 2014).

Also, in order to make our project accessible to as many people as possible, we offer prices based on parents' income .

The number of children who can be registered in each price bracket is limited and fixed in advance, in order to preserve the financial balance of the establishment. It depends on the sources of income (holiday internships, crowdfunding campaigns) that the college manages to generate in addition to the tuition fees paid by the parents.




How much does it cost ?
Grille des tarifs et bourses possibles pour l'année 2021/2022 (selon budget disponible)
tarifs collège.JPG
Les tranches 1 2 et 3 ne sont plus disponibles

This rate does not include

- application and registration fees (250 euros)

- catering costs (each child is invited to bring their lunch box)

- travel and outing costs (maximum 500 euros per year)

- school and educational supplies

- study and tutoring after class

- subscription to digital textbooks (around 35 euros per year)


For the year 2020-2021, all the grants on tranches 1,2 and 3 have been awarded.

A big thank you to our contributors to the Ulule crowdfunding campaign , which allows the funding of 10,758 euros in grants.


Pre-registrations for 2020-2021 for classes from 6th to 4th are open. Pre-registrations for 2021-2022 begin in November 2020.


The pre-registration procedure has three stages:


1- Come to an information meeting or an open day. Planning and registration here .


2- Fill out the Enjoyschool form which allows us to better know your child and your motivations. A member of our team will contact you for a first telephone appointment.


3- If, at the end of this exchange, you wish to engage in the second part of the registration procedure, the application fees amount to € 250 per child, including an appointment with a member of the team and a test day (in cycles 3 and 4). This amount is deductible from the registration fees once it is finalized.


We welcome in priority the students who seem to be able to benefit the most from our pedagogy. The adequacy between the family's educational project and that of Enjoyschool is essential.

We want, as far as possible, to achieve a balance between French, English or bilingual mother tongue students, and between girls and boys. Even if afternoon lessons are taught in English and French, no minimum level is expected in English.


We also want to welcome students from different socio-economic backgrounds, as well as 20% of students with specific educational needs (to be defined in advance with families and, if necessary, the MDPH).


Our pedagogy is particularly adapted to precocious children . Our educational intelligence was thus underlined by Mr. Anne Rossini, inspector of academy in charge of the file of precocious children for the rectorate of Nice .


Pre-registration form

Thank you for your pre-registration!