Our day courses - From 9 years old

Reception possible from 8:15 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

Your child comes with his Lunch Box

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Revision + Creative English Internship

Learn to learn and revise  !

You have the option of combining a morning course with an afternoon course. You will benefit from a reduction of -20%!

Make your choice and contact us by clicking on the button just below.

Possible combinations from August 16 to 19

- School'Up, learning to learn + English = 255.2 euros

- School'Up, learning to learn + Ikigaï = 358.4 euros

- Maths + English = 255.2 euros

- Maths + Ikigaï = 358.4 euros

- French + English = 239.4 euros

- French + Ikigai = 342.4 euros

Possible combinations from August 22 to 26

- School'Up, learning to learn + English = 279.2 euros

- Maths + English = 279.2 euros

- French + English = 279.2 euros

Drop off your child for a shopping spree for a one-hour workshop!

Discover one of our many workshops from Tuesday to Saturday, from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. Your child (from 8 years old) participates in a playful workshop of your choice: discovering his talents and his memory, scientific experiment or creating his own eco-responsible detergent or sponge.

Meet every hour directly at our Polygone Riviera premises opposite Printemps! 

Sport and internship Life Bloom Academy, it's doable!

With our partner ULTRA Team Bihoue,

Sport in the morning and English in the afternoon

Available the week of August 22 to 26

350 euros

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