The "Trusted Boosters" courses for teens with Life Bloom Academy is available online by videoconference.

Using fun and interactive formulas for middle and high school students, to discover their strengths and talents, develop their critical mind, find new methods and the keys to learning and build self-confidence.


Two online courses to choose from:
- School'Up, explore your personal strengths and your brain to learn how to learn while having fun (from 10 years old).
- Ikigaï, discover your strengths, talents and engines to better orient yourself (from 13 years old)


How does an online workshop work?


  • The formulas are offered to middle and high school students with a good internet connection and a webcam.

  • Video conference workshops : trainees are in action and interaction behind their screen, in complete safety.

  • Fun, interactive and rhythmic activities , to keep the trainees' paying attention.

  • Small group sessions to create emulation and collective intelligence.

  • A progressive and built educational path using a combination of sent modules, working together online and working individual offline.

  • The Life Bloom Academy pedagogy, is based on communication, collective intelligence, benevolence and the contributions of cognitive sciences.



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Trained in digital teaching since 2015 and having built and led workshops and distance mentoring for Edhec for 6 years, Christelle, our educational director, has been working for some time already, to adapt our internships School'Up and Ikigaï by videoconference.


The formulas offered are accessible to middle and high school students with a good internet connection and a webcam.

All workshops and online courses are led by Christelle.