English fun club

Being able to practice a language regularly is essential for learning. In the office or at school, you or your child do not have enough opportunity to speak REAL English.

Join our English Fun Club each week.

Practice and gain confidence to progress your skills. With Lianne, native English speaker from the UK, learn new vocabulary, develop your fluency and improve your English grammar.

Bring your afternoon snack and we will provide your afternoon cup of tea!

The idea: discuss and exchange opinions on topical issues or subjects that fascinate you.

Take part in engaging conversations and fun activities to develop your skills and increase your confidence in your spoken English.


With the philosophy of Life Bloom Academy, we will utilise your talents and passions to develop your potential.


How it works ?


Before each lesson, you will receive a PDF and / or MP4 synopsis to prepare for our discussions.

In class, you will create flashcards to keep track of new vocabulary. At the end of each session, you will complete a written report on the subject (in the form of a mind map ...) and improve your writing skills.

Each week we will talk about different topics including books, movies, recent news, games and events. Let us know if there is anything you would like to discuss! It will be a good opportunity for sharing and practicing more with support.


During each session, we will have an open and free discussion, be kind and respectful of everyone's opinions and language level. As well as listen and participate in the discussion.


One rule: when you walk through the door of the room, you only speak English! The more you practice, the more you will progress.

What is the cost?

The first session of the year is free. We operate with 'termly' subscriptions during school time. 

Our next sessions will take place from January 11th to February 19th 2021 for 6 weeks.

You can take out a subscription choose to pay per session. 

This will mean more flexibility for you or your child. 

After school sessions last 45 minutes, Wednesday afternoon sessions last 1 hour.

More details:

1 session costs 18 euros (payment per session)

1 subscription of 6 hours costs 99 euros (1 session of 1 hour per week for 6 weeks)

1 subscription of 10.5 hours costs 157.50 euros (2 sessions of 45 minutes and 1 hour per week for 6 weeks)


You can now request your subscription by sending an email to: 



4 Levels: 

                GERMINATE     A2       (6ème/5ème/4ème)

                    BLOOM        B1       (4ème/3ème/2nd)

                        GROW         B2       (2nd/1ère/Terminale)

Sur place ?
17h à 17h45
6ème à 4ème
12h30 à 13h30
6ème à 4ème
13h30 à 14h30
4ème à seconde
14h30 à 15h30
Seconde à terminale
15h30 à 16h30
6ème à 4ème
16h30 à 17h30
4ème à seconde
16h30 à 17h15
6ème à 4ème
17h20 à 18h05
4ème à seconde
18h05 à 18h50
Seconde à terminale

 `Quel est le prix ?

Les mardis et les vendredis :

La séance est au prix de 13,5

Les mercredis :

La séance est au prix de 18 €

Programme des séances

Dec 11 - Dec 17