Bring forth young enlightened citizens, let them become" entrepreneurs of their lives" and architects of a sustainable world. This is the mission of Life Bloom Academy


Comment ?

Parce qu'à l'ère digitale, bâtir une pédagogie efficace encore plus humaine, coopérante et connectée, c'est possible, Life Bloom Academy construit des solutions éducatives au service du développement du potentiel des adolescents et des jeunes adultes.

Au travers d'activités extra-scolaires (stages vacances, ateliers hebdomadaires, parcours e-learning ) et de parcours pédagogiques en "blended learning" au sein des établissements scolaires, Life Bloom Academy offre des expériences de vie et des outils & méthodes pour grandir heureux et devenir acteur de sa vie.


How ?


Because in the digital age, building an effective pedagogy even more human, cooperative and connected, it is possible, Life Bloom Academy builds educational solutions at the service of the development of the potential of adolescents and young adults.


Through extra-curricular activities (holiday courses, weekly workshops, e-learning course) and educational courses in "blended learning" within schools, Life Bloom Academy offers life experiences and tools & methods to grow happy and become an actor of his life .


Life Bloom Education opened a multi-level middle school, Enjoyschool for the 2019 school year in Cagnes sur Mer.


Our method


Pragmatic, caring and agile. We use proven pedagogical and managerial methods and adapt business and high school practices to middle and high school students. Digital tools are at the service of humans.


Each course stimulates creativity (ingenuity, serious fun), develops cooperation (lets'co), reflexivity and autonomy (becoming oneself), in a stimulating environment and a benevolent environment (Benevolence and Emulation).



Christelle Caucheteux, teacher, educational explorer & social entrepreneur


After a 15-year career in marketing and innovation management, Christelle is passionate about teaching, educational sciences and the digital education revolution. She joined EDHEC Business School, as EDHEC ALUMNI Director General, in particular with the mission of developing and boosting alternative and innovative training offers for graduates.


In collaboration with EDHEC teachers, Christelle has developed a new lifelong learning program, made up of “learning pills” which mix video and workshops. This program has helped to disseminate EDHEC research not only among EDHEC graduates but more widely in the business world.


Christelle has led numerous seminars and conferences and supported students, entrepreneurs and managers in developing their potential.


Now a teacher in secondary and higher education, explorer in pedagogy and in cognitive, affective and social sciences and invested in action-research projects in Education Sciences, Christelle puts her bubbling energy, her animation talents, her passion others and his solid pedagogical, business and digital skills for the personal development of children and adolescents.


Christelle relies on a network of experts (professors, researchers, entrepreneurs, coaches) and on the results of research to build the educational paths of Life Bloom Academy.



About Life Bloom Academy


Life Bloom Academy supports our teens and pre-teens in the development of their talents for a positive construction of their future.

Through extra-curricular activities (holiday courses, weekly workshops, e-learning course) and educational courses within schools, Life Bloom Academy offers life experiences and tools & methods to grow happy and be an actor of his life.

We aim to develop skills, which, in the light of various studies, are key to preparing for the future world: the ability to learn, to cooperate, to innovate, to manage emotions, entrepreneurial spirit for oneself and in the service of a sustainable world, critical and creative thinking ...

To build our educational paths, we rely on a network of experts from the world of education, business and research.
We mix with agility, active pedagogies, educational tools of the digital age and collaborative methods and techniques of the grandes écoles and the company.

We rely on the latest discoveries from positive psychology, educational sciences and cognitive and affective and social neuroscience.


We are thus partners of LINE, the Innovation and Digital Laboratory for Education, a research unit of Espe and the University of Nice and members of EducAzur, the first French cluster, dedicated to Edtechs and E-education.

Life Bloom Academy is a social and solidarity-based SAS (2014 Law) with a share capital of 7,500 euros, supported by the EDHEC Business School incubator.

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