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Learn HOW to learn



Decode school, understand the functions of the brain, memory, emotions and manage stress to be active in your learning.


The young participants find their learning keys and leave with all the tips and tricks to be confident in school and do their homework effectively.


Two sub-groups: CM1 / CM2 / 6ème (cycle 3) and teenagers (Collège / lycée)


Limited places: 8 children maximum


















School'Up, a workshop based on neuroscience
To build the School'Up course, to learn how to learn, we relied in part on the work of neuroscientist Stanislas Dehaene; on those of Eric Gaspar, those of the pedagogue Antoine de la Garanderie but not only! To learn more...
Average rating
95% of parents questioned noted a change in their child's methods and personal work after a School 'Up internship
Chiara, 10th grader student at Stanislas Nice
"This course was very interesting because we saw several methods to improve our weaknesses at school. For people who do not like school, I recommend this course because you will learn lots of techniques to regain a taste for learning."
Carla, fourth grader at Stanislas Nice
"A very beautiful project that listens to children, even those who do not like school! Learn how to learn with joy and good humor. A week very rich in learning and laughter! No time to get bored with Christelle and her team, optimize your chances of succeeding in school, without forgetting to treat yourself!'