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Our February courses - From 8 years old

Possibility of day care

Restrictions related to COVID-19

Most of our courses are accessible by videoconference. 

A good internet connection and a webcam are necessary to follow the courses in an optimal way.

The mention "ONLINE" is specified when the course is available remotely.


Discover and orient

Discover your strengths and socio-personal skills with creativity in order to better identify your future professional desires

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Fun math and science

Science experiments for learning

We offer your children the opportunity to discover concepts of physics, chemistry, biology and basic mathematics in a playful and concrete way. 

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Learn to learn to be confident at school all year long 

This course allows you to discover your strengths and talents and find your learning keys, understand how your brain, memory and emotions work and manage school stress.

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Creative English

Practice and confidence in English

Creative English (from 8 years old): Your child participates in a week-long project of your choice: creating and performing a theater scene or creating a presentation about something that interests him. And this, in English!

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 English Fun Club

Practice and confidence in English

English Fun Club (College, High School) in video: 5 conversation sessions and one-hour games. Face-to-face possible

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digital intelligence

Become an expert in AI and digital!

Through a digital journey, you will discover the secrets that new technologies contain while being an actor in its discovery!

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French School'Up

Use the pen to perfect your written expression

Thanks to this course, your teenagers will leave with all the tips & tricks to work French with autonomy and efficiency. 

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School'Up - Maths revision 

Start on a solid foundation in mathematics!

Work on mathematics by going back to the basics or perfecting your techniques and reasoning!

College and high school.

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digital influencer

The internship for digital pros!

Discover how social networks work (business model, algorithms, etc.) and digital tools (video editing, text editing, website creation, etc.) to better master them and circumvent their pitfalls!_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_

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Sport and internship Life Bloom Academy, it's doable!

With our partner ULTRA Team Bihoue, you have the possibility of combining a sports and playful week.

English courses, learning to learn and others can be combined!

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