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Our Back to School courses - From 8 years old

Possibility of child care

from 8:15 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.


13-20 years old

Discover and orient

Discover your strengths and socio-personal skills with creativity in order to better identify your future professional desires


Aventures Artistiques & Linguistiques
Dès 8 ans

Discover the culture and way of life in Italy and Spain

Enjoy learning modern languages, gain confidence in communicating, learn a method for speaking a foreign language, awaken curiosity, apply the language in real-life situations and cooperate as a group to successfully complete assignments.

Aventures Scientifiques & Écologique

Using games, nature and science to learn and take action for the climate


Treasure hunt in the Polygone Riviera nature park, Scientific experiments and games to understand climate change, Robotics, Innovation workshop...

Come and explore nature, science and the climate in a fun and hands-on way!

Portrait dans la nature

From 9 years old

Learn to learn and to be confident at school all year long 

This course allows you to discover your strengths and talents and find your learning keys, understand how your brain, memory and emotions work and manage school stress.

Practical English
12-18 years old

Practice and confidence in English

Improve your English through immersion. Carry out engaging and fun projects (create your own game), review basic grammar and vocabulary and practise in an atmosphere that encourages cooperation and group work.

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Practical English12-18 ans

Learn or improve your English through immersion. Take part in fun and engaging projects (games, escape games, nature treasure hunts, etc.), brush up on basic grammar and vocabulary and practise in an atmosphere that encourages cooperation and group work. 



 Sub-groups according to age

Levels adapted to individual needs for effective progress! 🌈

You have the opportunity to do activies all day long!

You have the option of combining a morning course with an afternoon course. You will benefit from a reduction of -20%!

Make your choice and contact us by clicking on the button just below.

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School-Up - Maths back to school revision
From 6th to 12th grade

Start on a solid foundation in mathematics!

Work on mathematics by going back to the basics or perfecting your techniques and reasoning for the start of the school year! College and high school.

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Sport and internship Life Bloom Academy, you can do it all!

With our partner ULTRA Team Bihoue, sport in the morning and English in the afternoon !