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SONO/NYS Interactive Exhibition Catalogue Collaboration

In association with #polygoneriveria Enjoy School students had the chance to be real translators in a fantastic collaboration project. From the 12th April to 14th November 2023 artists Sacha Sosno and Hervé Nys are showing a selection of sculptures in the shopping centre and now open air museum; making it the largest open air museum in France. 20 sculptures have been placed throughout the centre inviting visitors to gaze at the modern art as it gazes back at you. Those who look deeply will see works such as; the Venus Di Milo, obliterated, oil can men, sitting and standing, lollipop racing cars and strange animals. To find out more they can ask for a french paper catalogue from the centre or download the application.

To bring the exhibition to life and make it accessible to the many international tourists who visit the region and the shopping centre Enjoy School was invited to create an interactive catalogue for the exhibition in French, English, Italian and Spanish. So for this projects our students would have to become translators. The student's first task was to experience the exhibition first hand. Accompanied by Italian and Spanish teacher, Mario, the students used the application and paper catalogues to discover and learn about the sculptures, the artists and the artists intent. Why was this important? Well despite what Goolge translate would have you think, translators do more then just translate word for word the text as some things do not have the same insinuations. Translators must understand the context and feeling of the text so that they can choose the right words to convey this in the new language.

Once the students had understood the context they then made groups to start translating different sections of the catalogue. In Spanish and Italian they first had to build their vocabulary, with the help of Mario they translated the difficult vocabulary before tackling their given section in their groups. In English class they were given a page each from the catalogue to work on the translation with the help of Lianne, English teacher. Over the course of two lessons the students worked really hard to realise their project, translating, checking with the teacher and moving on to the next section. In the end these translations were all put together with the original french to create the interactive catalogue. The students felt very accomplished once they saw all their work put together. They were really happy to be able to collaborate and create something that will be really used by visitors of #polygoneriviera

So why not come, visit #polygonriveria and use our interactive catalogue, explore and learn about the #sonoandnys exhibition then test yourself with our fun #Kahoot quiz game.

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