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World Cup Qatar 2022

Practical English

22nd February 2022

Reported by Chloé and Nils

In this article we report the different teams and competitions between them, focusing on the journey of the French team in the World Cup in Qatar from November 20th 2022 to December 21st 2022.

In the world cup France were finally in the final. France won against Morocco and had to beat Argentina to win. In today's blog we are going to review the massive fails and funny moments of the 2022 world cup final. But first how can we talk about the the World Cup 2022 without talking about the beautiful penalty of Harry Kane, which he missed making his team loose,

The beginning of the final versus Argentina was very complicated for France. The match was close, it started at 2-0, Messi scored a goal for Argentina and Di Maria the same. In the 80th minute Mbappe scored twice under 5 minutes. Mbappe scored a goal and a penalty, he then scored another goal. After a stressful overtime it was still a draw with Messi scoring another goal in the 108th minute. The Match finished in a 'penalty shootout; The French lose and Argentina wins, such a deception for the French. In France we felt like the trophy was stolen from us.

The World Cup 2022 was historical due to a Qatar-gate and the debate on LGBT and Human Rights issues in Qatar and because it was the first time that an African team (Morocco) was in the semi-final.

"I hope the 2026 World Cup which takes place in Canada, North America and Mexico will have as much content as this time, and let's hope France wins!"- Nils

" For the World Cup 2026 I want France to win and to fight Argentina" - Chloé

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