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Thanksgiving 2022

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24 November 2022

Reported by Matteo

In this article I will explain what is and why Americans celebrate this holiday. Thanksgiving is a celebration in the United States that is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November. Historically Thanksgiving is a harvest feast, a day of celebration in European peasant societies during which they thanked God with prayers and rejoicing for the benefits that they had been able to receive during the year. This celebration is now secular in North America.

In 1620, many English dissidents that today are called Pilgrim Fathers landed from the Mayflower in Plymouth Bay, Massachusetts. They founded the colony of Plymouth and the city of the same name there. But the beginnings of colonisation were difficult and half of the arrivals died of scurvy. The survivors owed their salvation only to the intervention of two natives :Squanto and Samoset. That with the help of their tribe, the Wampanoags, offered them food, then taught them how to fish, hunt and grow corn. The first Thanksgiving was celebrated in 1621 , they celebrated the first harvest in Autumn 1621.The Pilgrim Fathers invited the chief of the Wampanoags to eat the turkey that they raised to thanks to the Chief.

Every fourth Thursday of November there is Thanksgiving .There are many tradition so I will explain the most popular :

-Eat a big deal including the turkey, corn ,grapes, pumpkin, mashed potato and more.

-A traditional parade: Every year, the big American cities organise some big parades with balloons and floats.

-In the United States, the last Thursday of November is a public holiday, to celebrate Thanksgiving with family and friends.

This year I am thankful for being in this new school with these cool teachers and cool students .

Matteo in 4eme

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