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Back to 'Enjoy' School: The start of a new term

Enjoy School World News

Friday 16th September 2022

Reported by Clélie Gottardo ,Wilfried Blas, Clarence Violino, Anna Becker, Léonora Badier, Camille Corcelle, Ilana Hendrikse, Esteban Harel, Lennox Pottier, Sacha Lukac, Manuele Mituzaite and Abigail Fischer

The 1st of September, 2022, was the first day of school, but this wasn’t regular school; this was an explanatory meeting between the new people, the older people and the teachers to explain how the school worked. The first lesson was the Monday of the next week, Monday 5th September, where the teachers explained what they would do this year. "It was good" recounts Wilfried and Clélie. The back-to-school took place in several stages, first there was a back-to-school seminar where all old and new students were able to discover each other with different mnemonic games and we could feel friendships forming. Once the seminar ended classes really started and we felt the people who had revise and those who hadn't . "I’m feel ready to study hard for the final Brevet test in June" Clarence proudly states.

Anna and Léonora report on the first two days of school. "In September, on the first two days after the summer break, we had the back-to-school seminar. On the first day, we learned about the name’s of our new classmates when we played some games. Together with the new pupils, we revised our lesson from last year about our brains and neurons. On the second day, on the terrace. the new pupils chose their buddies when they selected an object belonging to one of the “old” pupils. Christelle also gave us some flashcards. It was a special gift in order to celebrate 'back-to-school'. The interns, Sarah and Eli had prepared them for us. We would now like to introduce the teacher’s at our school:

- Christelle is our history and geography teacher.

- Laurent is our science, maths and of permaculture teacher.

- Silvy is our music teacher.

- Lianne is our English teacher.

- Julie is our art teacher.

- Arthur is our sports teacher.

- Mario is our Spanish and Italian teacher."

Camille explains further, "The first day was really fun." At first we played some games to know names of everyone and we shared our method to retain all the names. Then we did a back to school seminar. The seminar talked about how the brain functions when we learn and we got some tips for learning well. The afternoon we talked about what teachers and students need to work well in class.

On Friday we talked about the rules of the school and we discussed what we need to change. Then, we voted on all the rules and changes, like they do in the French parliament. In the afternoon, we made the buddies, one former student had a personal object put it on the floor like the other formers and a new student pick one of objects.

Speaking on her first day back-to-school, Ilana states "My day started with the presentation of the new students, their first names and class. I will not lie to you, it was a little too long for my taste." while the first day might not have been for her Ilana still has a special place in her heart for the school stating "I really hate that this year my studies here end".

New students Esteban and Lennox remember their first week of school in detail. In english we had an evaluation. In sport we had to sprint for ten minutes. We also had the council of cooperation with the whole school. In French we had to write a letter to our future self. In History and Geography we did 'what’s new in the world' "a kind of diary of what is happening " explains Sacha who has just joined in the year 6 class. "And finally we had permaculture." recount Esteban and Lennox. "After the first days we passed the laws and then on Tuesday we did an interdisciplinary project on the solar system," Sacha continues. "On Wednesday I had Italian for the first hour and we learned the alphabet and we did some dictation then I had English and we also did 'What's new in the world' I made new friends, the garden is beautiful, the teachers are nice I enjoy my school."

Explaining further Manuele and Abigail say "We did some projects. where we created games in grammar, in history and other subjects. We've made mini volcanos, and mini earthquakes on small platforms in Science Experiments. At the moment we’re making a project on the solar system in English and Science projects. We are making A LOT of presentations on different topics. We've made it in French, in English, in history, geography already. On normal work days we are working on work plans, listening to the teacher, writing mind maps and discussing lessons." They summarise the sentiment of all their classmates well saying "In our school we voted for the rules to live in peace and love ☮❤. Sometimes, we are bored and want to sleep. but the rest of the time, we feel good, listen to the teacher and we see our friends so we feel better."

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